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Ability to Copy and Paste a style on a shape, a link, a text
Ability to define a default style for a shape, a link, a text
Free access to 15 additional image libraries (accessible via the '+ Libraries' button at the bottom left of the software)
Online file sharing between users - Consultation or modification mode
Search field of your files in the opening screen
Downloading and uploading the flowchart file
Sending the file by e-mail (coming soon)
Ability to work several at the same time on a flow chart - Automatic recording in the background
flow chart viewer - Consultation mode only
Ability to attach an external file to a form (Word, Excel, PDF ...)
Ability to attach a QALITEL flowchart file to a form
Ability to associate a URL of type http: // mylink or https: // mylink to a form
Opening attached files and related links

Export your flow chart (details according to version below)

Ability to export QALITEL flowchart under Microsoft Office Suite and LibreOffice...

Example of Export in Word

Ability to export QALITEL flowchart in Word...
Export to PDF - And Possibility of Full Text Search
Export in Microsoft Office Word format - Dynamic Link
Export in Microsoft Office Excel format - Dynamic Link
Export to Microsoft Office Powerpoint format - Dynamic Link
Export to LibreOffice Writer - Dynamic Link
Export in LibreOffice Calc format - Dynamic Link
Export to LibreOffice Impress - Dynamic Link
Export as SVG and PNG
Managing Image Libraries
Delete the waiting window of 10 seconds when launching the software
Possibility of Permanent Connection (The Free version requires you to enter your username and password each time you launch)
Creation of an unlimited number of flow charts
Access to sample files
Ability to print your flow charts
Ability to zoom - zoom out your flow charts
Creation of shape by simple drag-and-drop
Creation of link between shapes by simple drag-and-drop
Adding your personal images in unlimited numbers
Langue Française
Shape Management in Foreground and Background
Undo function (Ctrl + z)
Redo function (Ctrl + y)
chart shapes provided
Arrow shapes provided
Various shapes - symbols provided
Duplicate shape (with its formatting)
Rotation of shapes from 0 ° to 360 °
Managing colors and color gradients on shapes
Managing colors and color gradients on links
Managing styles and colors of shape borders
Inserting text into shapes and links
Color management on texts
Anchoring links on shapes
Online Support - Technical Ticket Interface
FREE Updates
* Permanent access to QALITEL flowchart on line V4.61.3.0
** Rental access without time commitment to QALITEL flowchart ProAd Edition online