Purpose of the Privacy Policy

SCOQI attaches great importance to the Management of Personal Data that can be collected / stored through its websites and / or Web applications of the QALITEL (SAAS) range.

We are committed to only collecting the data we need to ensure optimal service, confidentiality and security, including when we use providers and to facilitate the exercise of your rights to your data. .

As part of our operations, we may collect and store information about you that is used solely for professional purposes and for the purpose of providing you with software and services that meet your expectations.

Our first commitment is the respect of the applicable legislation on the protection of the data and in particular the General Regulation on the Protection of the Data (RGPD) and the law known as “Informatique et Libertés” of the modified January 6, 1978.

This Privacy and Data Protection Policy describes the personal data we collect, how it is used and shared, and your rights in this regard. It applies to any user of SCOQI products and services. We advise you to read it carefully. We have done our utmost to make it clear, easily understandable and accessible at all times of your navigation.

Who are we ?

The address of our main website is: https://www.scoqi.fr

Application areas

This privacy policy applies to the following websites :

• * .scoqi.com – * .scoqi.fr
• * .logigramme.fr – * .logigramme.com – logigramme.io
• * .epistolaire.fr

 All Web applications of the QALITEL range developed and marketed by SCOQI

Use of personal data collected

Website: The data collected during the creation of an account on one of the websites managed by SCOQI (see Domains of application) are used for technical purposes (access management, …), informative (information updates, …), administrative (billing, …) or commercial (answers to documentation requests, information on other products marketed by SCOQI, …).

QALITEL applications: The personal data that can be entered into QALITEL applications is the responsibility of the client company using the application that provides the database. SCOQI does not use the data entered in the client databases in any way. Access to customer databases as part of a maintenance intervention is done after approval of the client company.


Websites: If you have a customer account and you connect to this site (technical ticket, download area), we set up a cookie connection to improve your comfort of movement. When you log out of the site, the login cookie is deleted.

QALITEL applications: A login cookie is created to memorize the connection data as well as some user preferences in order to offer the user an environment similar to his last login. This login cookie is not deleted when the software is disconnected (in order to be able to offer the user the user’s preferences again) and has a lifetime of 1 year.

Online shops

The various online shops on the websites managed by SCOQI (see Application Domains) do not require any account creation. Only a form of personal data is to be completed in order to be able to communicate with the user and issue the corresponding invoice.

Payments are made via the Paypal website (Paypal / Carte bleue account). No payment data is stored by SCOQI.

Use and transmission of your personal data

Websites and QALITEL Applications: All data left by the various sites managed by SCOQI (see Application Domains) are not transmitted or transferred to third-party companies for any purpose whatsoever.

Storage times of your data

Internet sites: All the data entered by the user associated with his account is saved daily with a 30-day rolling history. Personal data used in an administrative setting is retained for a period of 15 years after last detected use unless express request for deletion (see below).

QALITEL applications: Backups of QALITEL databases and associated data (SAAS mode) are logged over 30 rolling days.

In both cases, in case of account deletion, the effective deletion of all user data will occur within 30 days after the sliding backup period.

The rights you have on your data

vous avez un compte sur l’un des sites gérés par la Société SCOQI (cf Domaines d’application), vous pouvez demander à recevoir un fichier contenant toutes les données personnelles que nous possédons à votre sujet, incluant celles que vous nous avez fournies.

Vous pouvez également demander la rectification / suppression des données personnelles vous concernant. Cela ne prend pas en compte les données stockées à des fins administratives, légales ou pour des raisons de sécurité.

Pour cela, faites parvenir un EMail à partir de l’adresse Email de votre compte à l’adresse protectiondedonnees@scoqi.com

How we protect your data

Your data is stored on secure servers that have strict backup procedures on different physical media.